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Orthopaedic bed wedge support pillow to alleviate symptoms of hiatus hernia, acid reflux and pregnancy discomfort; providing comfort and support lying down or sitting up.

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This orthopaedic bed wedge support pillow helps to alleviate the symptoms of GERD, Acid Reflux, heartburn or indigestion by placing the support pillow flat on the bed to gently raise your torso.

Additionally, sleeping on the bed wedge can provide relief for those suffering from various respiratory conditions, neck pain, back pain, shoulder plain and even hiatus hernia by supporting the upper body slightly raised from flat. Women may also find that this position is more comfortable in the later stages of pregnancy.

The firm support of the polyurethane foam wedge means this support is an ideal day-to0day bed companion under your favourite pillow.

As well as helping when lying down, the foam Bed Wedge can also be used upright. By placing the support pillow against a headboard, you can read a book, watch TV or enjoy breakfast in bed in comfort. No more plumping multiple pillows that invariably move around and never sit quite “right”.

Ergonomically designed for optimum comfort, the Bed Wedge comes with a removable, washable white polyester fleece cover. The support pillow measures 56.5cm x 47cm x 1-20cm.


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