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Back pain is a common complaint. Approximately 80% of the population are expected to succumb to to significant back pain at some point during their lifespan. Whether your seek medical advice from you GP or visit a manual therapist, don’t suffer in silence. Back pain can be debilitating and has been reported to cost the UK economy in the region of £10 billion a year. For many years, Spinal Products has manufactured and sold a range of back care products. From pillows and mattresses, to cushions to joint supports; our ethos has been to provide a comprehensive range of products that are designed to keep you mobile, enabling you to live your life fully at every turn.

Our ethos

Here at Spinal Products, we have built up a wealth of product knowledge designed to help you manage and alleviate the symptoms of your back pain. Whether you need joint support braces to stabilise your knee, or an orthopaedic pillow that neutralises your spine as you sleep, we have a comprehensive range for you to choose from.

In partnership with our sister company Able2 UK and our own brand of Harley support pillows and mattresses, we are known as one of the leading suppliers of orthopaedic solutions to both consumers, trade establishments and healthcare practitioners.

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