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High Risk Cushions

Long-term wheelchair users and those with limited mobility are at higher risk of developing pressure sores, and oftentimes will find that their skin is vulnerable to tearing. Our supportive memory foam cushions mould to the user’s shape in order to lessen any pressure points. We would always advise that you seek the advice of a medical professional to ensure that your chosen cushion meets your needs.

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SP44264 Harley Designer Ergoform Cushion
  • £149.99
  • including VAT
PSP44938 Harley Designer Luxury 'V' Cushion
  • £83.99
  • including VAT
PSP44180 Harley Super 'V' Cushion
  • £139.00
  • including VAT
SP94410 Harley Bari-Care Designer Cushion
  • £142.99
  • including VAT
SP94411 Harley Bari-Care Designer Sculptured Cushion
  • £164.99
  • including VAT
SP94413 Harley Bari-Care Designer Spine Support
  • £97.99
  • including VAT
SP44233 Harley Designer Ring Cushion
  • £46.00
  • including VAT
SP44266 Harley Ring Cushion Cover (Towelling)
  • £15.49
  • including VAT